What is LED Strip IP stand for

When buying LED strips, you are often confronted with the question if you want IP20, IP65 or even IP68 LED strip. These values stand for different levels of water and dust proofing. This article will give you a complete guide of it. IP20  for indoor applications: The IP20 rating officially stands for “touch by fingers […]

LED Color Temperature

The Nature of light is different, and the perceptible color of an object depends on the light source. The human brain can “correct” these color changes very well, but the film or CCD/CMOS photoreceptor we use cannot accomplish this task. If an object burns, first the flame is red, as the temperature rises then it […]

7 way to judge LED Strip Quality

7 ways to judge LED Strip quality As the LED competition, The different quality of Led strips are flooded in the LED Market. The high quality of LED  light strips is relatively more expensive than the economy ones’. If you judge the quality of strips from the professional technology, I am afraid that not all […]